149 Paintings You Really Need to See in Europe (So You Can Ignore the Others)

By Julian Porter, Q.C.

“Who can resist an art critic with attitude?”
— Former Supreme Court Justice, Ian Binnie

“It was wonderful! Julian shared his enormous knowledge of the world’s best art with a panache that is irresistable.”
— Justice Stephen Goudge, Ontario Court of Appeal

“Lovely for first timers!! View joyfully! At Dundurn. 149 Paintings You Really Need to See in Europe by Julian Porter.”
Margaret Atwood Tweet with more than 500,000 followers

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About the Book

This essential companion to all the major European museums and galleries discusses some of the world’s greatest paintings from Gitoo (1328) right through Picasso (1936).

Julian Porter’s passion for art began with the seven years he spent as a student tour guide in Europe. Since then he has conducted countless tours of the famous museums and galleries, places like The Louvre and the Tate Britain, the Uffizi, and The Hermitage Museum.

Porter’s voice is an original one in the usually pretentious arena of art connoisseurs. the book is based on the premise that you can only see so many paintings in a gallery, and Porter tries to pick the best of the best, which he describes with entertaining irreverance.

“Julian has given European travellers a rare gift, and his credo shines brightly: SLOW DOWN TO SEE GREAT ART. In his new book he selects 149 paintings out of hundreds of thousands and writes about each in a lively, informative, fun (sometimes cheeky) manner and tells us to linger long over each. Do not do them all, he says, only fatigue and frustration will set in. It is a brave selection: the famous Mona List does not make the “A” list. But Julian is Julian, and has never followed the crowds.”
— George Butterfield, Founder and Director, Butterfield & Robinson Travel Company


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Julian Porter
149 Paintings You Really Need to See in Europe (So You Can Ignore the Others)

492 pages
149 colour illustrations
100 b&w images

$30.00 Paperback

Published by Dundurn (www.dundurn.com)